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Information: A wedding is an occasion where people mingle and fell free. The mod is one of great excitement not only for the couple who are getting married but also for all the guests. To mark this occasion, the most special input is the availability of music that gets people into the mood of the occasion. It is almost the same as a birthday or a private party. Panda Entertainment is an entertainment company that has the depth in music and equipment to turn your wedding, birthday or party into a very great and enjoyable event. We are in our fourth decade of operation and have the range of music to prove it. We are sought after for private occasions by a vast range of clients with interests in classics, rock to all of the latest niches. We accept payment by all major cards. We are open till 12 AM, and you can walk into our office to discuss the musical genre that you want to base your party on.

Our equipment is engineered to deliver awesome sounds and mixes and will be suitable for you in both indoor and outdoor environments. With our specialization in weddings, we transform them into an event that brings out the best in all guests of all ages. Our karaoke functionality delivers the best aspect of a wedding or a party as it makes for an excellent way for everyone to join the party and contribute to the enjoyment. With a company as experienced as ours, the DJ service achieves a level of sophistication that is tough to match. The organization that we bring to your wedding or party will make the event a great success. Get in touch with us to start planning for your special event and to create a musical celebration that is very special. Learn More

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